From the recording Living Love

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A New Hallelujah

Composer: Michael W. Smith, Debbie Smith, Paul Baloche
Copyright © 2008 Word Music, LLC/Smittyfly Music

Arranged by: Brad Sevy and Wayne Ingram

Crowd Sound Design: Bruce Barris

Recorded Live at the LL Arena, Los Angeles, California

Vocals: Philip McNiven
Vocals and Keyboards: Brad Sevy:
Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Programing: Wayne Ingram
Keyboards: John Gilmore
Bass: Aaron Schwoerer
Drums: Austin Wood
Background Vocals: Brad Sevy, Wayne Ingram, Hannah Parrott, Heather Nation, Camille Pruvost

Guitars: The Gibson: Vintage 1930’s Acoustic, Fender Telecaster, Equilibrium Masai 7 Lumbercaster, Carvin DC 727