1. Faithful

From the recording Living Love

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Faithful (Hymn 153)

Luke 1:46
Maria Louise Baum
Copyright © 1932 Christian Science Board of Directors

Jay Ferguson -Painless Music (BMI)
Brad Sevy - Pop Scene Music (ASCAP)
Kathie Talbot - 2 Good Weeks Music (BMI)

© 2021 Buster the Cat Tunes (BMI) &
© 2021 Living Love Rocks (ASCAP)

Vocals: Veronica Ito, Cody Ingram
Synths, Spoken Word and Background Vocals: Brad Sevy
Guitars, Synth Bass, Synths, Keyboards: Wayne Ingram
Bass: Aaron Schwoerer
Drums: Austin Wood

Guitars: Carvin DC 27, Gibson Les Paul Jr Special, Ibanez RG (Ebow)